New Property in Cotham BS6

We have another beautiful newly refurbished flat in Cotham. Video tour below and again more information can be found on our letting page.

New Properties in Cotham BS6

We have just taken on some beautiful newly refurbished flats in Cotham. Video tours below and more information can be found on our letting page.


Why use a letting agent?

A letting estate agent plays an important role in helping the prospective tenants secure rental property that is suitable to his or her taste. Having found the property of your choice, there are various things that letting agent will usually do to help you move into your rented property as a full tenant.  These things are discussed here.

Top Quality Items Excellent Tenants Love To Have In A Rental Property

4 Features Tenants Love to Have in a Rental Property

Every landlord wants tenants who pay rent in a timely manner and take good care of the property. The fact is that having to rely on bad tenants will damage your bottom line and ultimately hurt your investment. Therefore, the success of your business is largely dependent on your ability to attract and retain these excellent tenants. To help you to achieve this, here are a few features to consider for your property:

  1. 1.Appliances

Common mistakes landlords make

Common Mistakes Landlords Make

It may seem easy to buy a property, renovate it and let it out for a monthly rent. However, being a successful landlord requires more than that. You need to think of yourself as a professional and work with the mindset of a business person in order to manage your investment properties efficiently.

However, without the pre-requisite experience, it is easy to lose money, time and resources by making the following common landlord mistakes:

Green Acorn celebrates its birthday on the 30th May!

Green Acorn Property celebrates its 3rd birthday on the 30th May! We thank all our tenants and landlords letting us get here so comfortably! Expect some exciting news in the next coming months as we continue to branch out into new things!

We have now got houses in Bath

We are happy to announce that we have now expanded into Bath and have many properties. If you are looking for a room and are a working professional, please give us a call on the number above!

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