Things To Consider When Taking A Furnished Property

Beautifully furnished properties usually necessitate a higher rent than the unfurnished ones. However, most people looking for furnished apartments are usually seeking short-term leases, making the turnover of such a property higher in the long run. Since variety is the spice of life, various types of furnished houses include various items. The three things to watch out for when taking a furnished property are the basics, pros, and cons.

Let’s discuss these three elements that are worthy of consideration:

  1. The Basics

When taking a furnished property, consider the fact that each room needs to have working furniture. Seating such as a couch in the living room and coffee table, entertainment centre and end tables are all needed. A dining section or area is

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Furnish Your Property

Many people are of the opinion that it is not wise to furnish your property before letting it out. However, you should furnish your property as it will bring in more profits in the long run.

We can help you answer the following two important questions thus:

  • Will furnishing make the property more marketable?
  • Will you be able to charge more rent for that property?

Standard For Furnished Properties

There is a standard for both furnished and unfurnished apartments in any city within the UK. However, there are factors to consider before making such a decision.

Want To Decorate Your House? Here Are The Perfect Matching Colour Schemes!

You can give vibrancy to a space filled with natural light by adding a powerful colour scheme.

Upgrading older homes can mean introducing new colour schemes. Interior design is trendy and ever-changing, which means fashionable accessories and furnishings will change every so many years.

You can produce a stylish modern interior with great appeal by keeping the walls neutral and adding bright colour with accessories.

Select a colour scheme from the biggest pattern in the space. If you have patterned upholstery, big artwork or even an Oriental rug, you can use that, and then choose your colour scheme based on it.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Bad Tenants

Here are some tips to help you identify possible bad tenants and avoid them before they sign a lease, should you decide not to use an agency. You know that once a tenant occupies your property, it can be time-consuming and possibly costly to evict a bad tenant.

You can avoid becoming a victim of damaged property or late or unpaid rent by taking the following steps in selecting your tenants.

  1. Screen your tenants thoroughly

It is very important to screen your tenants thoroughly before renting out your property to them. You can do this by yourself or with the help of a letting agent. A good, professional and registered letting agent (a member of a government

The Best Places To Source Items For Your Interior Decoration

Sourcing for unique items that feel personal is the key to success when it comes to interior decoration. For an average Englishman, his home is his castle. So, decorating it with exquisite items is very important. There are many independent places in London where you can source vintage items and contemporary designs from.

Presented here are the best places to explore:


Trade Secrets – This is an amazing shop that sells overstock as well as cancelled orders at a heavily discounted price. They are among the 6 biggest furniture shops in the UK, and they currently stock

The major advantages of using a letting agent to let a property over doing it all yourself as the landlord

Research has shown that about 60% of all the private tenancies in England make use of a letting agent to rent a house, flat or a room. So, letting agents play a part in finding and renting a home.

Who are letting agents and what do they do?

Letting agents are individuals or private businesses that manage a buy-to-let property as well as deal with rented houses, flats, and apartments. The size or capacity of letting agents can range from small agencies that manage a few properties to big agencies, even many estate agents work as letting agents. 

What Contracts Should A Landlord Use For His Property?

The contract between the landlord and his tenants usually takes the form of an assured short hold tenancy agreement. The purpose of setting up a contract is to establish rules and regulations for the landlord and tenants, for the duration of the tenancy.

The contract can come in the form of a license instead of a tenancy agreement. Although this form of contract is not common, it usually is used for short- term rentals and does not normally usually give the person permitted to live in the property exclusive occupation.

Both ASTs and licenses constitute contracts, which usually help resolve any possible issues more easily, without the need of involving third parties should a dispute arise. 

How To Ensure Tenants Leave Your Property Tidy When They Vacate

Unkempt tenants can be the worst nightmare for a landlord. One of the damaging effects of dirty tenants is that they reduce the perceived value of your rental property. Untidy property conditions will not only damage your property but have the capacity to breed lice, bugs, and even rodents; this will make your property difficult to be re-rented by other prospective tenants.

So, if you know how to identify those dirty tenants before they occupy your property; then you can save yourself a lot of stress and the attendant grief. However, if it becomes too late, then you have to take immediate action. You can compel them to clean up the house if the lease allows for that or dismiss them kick them out at the expiration of the lease agreement. 

How Often Should You Inspect A Property?

The ability of a landlord to inspect his property is dependent on the kind of relationship existing between himself and the tenants as well as the kind of property he has. Nevertheless, there are factors that influence how often a landlord inspects a property.

Therefore, the first month of any tenancy is likely to be the period the tenants need most support from the landlord as they will have so many questions to ask. However, any tenancy that is heading to crisis is likely to do so in the first three months. This makes it compulsory for the landlord to pay regular visits to inspect his property, but how often should this inspection be done?

This guide is dedicated to giving you an insight on how often the landlord should have their property checked.

Emmaus' New Shop

On Saturday we spent the day helping one of our Charity partners get their new shop set up. Emmaus works to help homeless people in Bristol. They not only offers homeless people the opportunity to help themselves, but to help others.

Their new shop will be opening on 332 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8TJ at the start of March. You can find our more about Emmaus here and can donante to their JustGiving page.

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Tenants

Here are some tips to help you identify potentially problematic tenants before they sign a lease and to defend against difficult situations during a tenancy.

You can avoid becoming a victim of damaged property or unpaid rent by taking the following steps:

 1) Screen your tenants thoroughly:

It is very important to screen your tenants thoroughly before renting out your property to them. You can do this yourself or with the help of a letting agent. A professional, registered letting agent (i.e. a member of a government-recognised scheme such as the Property Ombudsman) will conduct the following checks:

  • Reference checks
  • Employment checks
  • ID checks

You can do the same checks yourself should you have the time to do so. Always be sure to follow up on any references, including former employers and landlords, provided by the tenant.

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