Maintenance of a property should be an essential commitment of any landlord who wishes to rent out his property. So, how do you – the landlord – ensure that your tenants enjoy stress-free stay in your property without requesting frequent maintenance assistance? Presented here are some common maintenance issues that are likely to occur in your property and the solutions you should provide yearly.

  1. The issue of a leaking roof

Roof leaks have proven to be among the most costly maintenance issues that can be fixed, and the only way to fix them is by employing preventive maintenance.

Ice dams are the major source of roof leaks. Ice dams happen when water cannot flow freely through gutters as a result of accumulation of debris. Consequently, this forms pools in the gutter. When this pool freezes, any subsequent water coming from melting snow, ice, or rainfall flows back into the house instead of flowing away through the gutters.

There are two important ways to prevent ice dams and roof leaks:

  1. Cleaning the gutters will prevent ice dams. In this condition, the person to shoulder the responsibility of cleaning the gutters should be specified in the lease. However, the landlord can either hire someone or a property management company to handle the cleaning.
  2. Another way to prevent roof leaks is by being proactive. To help reduce maintenance calls, you can employ a property management company to take care of any routine maintenance for you. So, being proactive and taking initiatives will save you a lot of hassle every year.
  1. The issue of blocked drains

The majority of tenants are not careful with the handling of drains, especially those who have never owned a hose before. They will allow anything to flow into the drains including the hairs from their heads.

This problem can be prevented by installing drain screens on the shower as well as bathroom sink. Also, inform the tenants that you will be coming for drain clogs for a set number of times in a year. This will prepare them to be alert and careful.

  1. The issue of pests

Pests have become one of the common issues that are popular in a rental property. However, if your property is pest-infested, it is your duty as the landlord to get rid of them and clean your house. This is important because the presence of pests in your property will drive away your tenants.

The issue of pests can be solved by establishing a monthly pest-extermination programme so as to prevent the full infestation of pests and the associated risks.

  1.  Issues arising from the air conditioner

The problems of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are costly problems that mostly happen when you are not ready to foot any bill. In fact, these issues happen in emergency conditions. To prevent such problems from happening, you need to apply preventive maintenance, how?

Get a technician to check your rental property furnaces in early fall and late summer as well as check your air conditioner in the month of March. Doing this will help you to avoid premium charges for maintenance when the need arises. 


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