Are you hunting for a new turnkey rental property for you and your family or are you looking for a wonderful property in a choice area? Well, the figures might look quite good and the price perfectly suitable to your financial muscle. However, you must do your due diligence by determining how to buy quality investment property.

Do you know that many investors and buyers hardly take time to confirm figures, assess neighbourhoods and know actually what they are buying? There are many negative real estate investing stories out there. Surprisingly, these stories are coming from investors and buyers who do not invest enough time or conduct research to determine if the property they are buying is worth it.

Now, the right step is to take your time and research well enough for the right property because your desire to feel warm, cosy, and fuzzy when you buy that property will be spectacular. While conducting this research, you need to know the following two things:

  • The actual cost of the property as compared to the prevailing market prices
  • The crime statistics for the neighbourhood or area where the house is located

Now, the question comes! How can you determine the crime statistics in any area without being to such a place physically? So, how are you sure you are buying a house in a good or bad area? The only way to do this is to check the local crime statistics on the address and location of your rental property.

How To Check For Crime Statistics

It is very important that you understand that crime statistics are gathered and reported in a different way in every market. The crime statistics are either under-reported by the law enforcement, or they capture every infraction that takes place in some cities. However, the good and bad areas vary by street, and the best way to analyse crime statistics in any area is by making use of tools that break the crime statistics down to the location and address of the property.

The following online tools will be of great help in determining crime statistics in any area of UK, and they will give you accurate results.

  1. SpotCrime

This is an online tool that displays reported incidents of crime to you. All you need do is to type in the address of the street and see the results. The bar displayed on the right-hand side is a feature that explains what each icon on the screen signifies.

  1. CrimeReports

This tool is quite similar to SpotCrime. The only difference is that it shows reports of sexual offenders. It goes ahead to show the picture and address of the sex offenders.

  1. RaidsOnline

As usual, you enter your address and watch the results of reported incidents of crime from a map. The report it shows varies from city to city.

Although, there are many online tools for evaluating crime reports in a city, there are also offline methods that have proven to be effective and these methods are by contacting any of the following:

  • Local real estate investors
  • Local property management company
  • Local police and fire department

All these methods listed above can be used to determine crime statistics for any area before buying or even renting a property in such location.

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