The issue of damage to property and late or no payment of rent can be averted when the landlord is in a good relationship with the tenant. So building a thriving relationship between the landlord and the tenant requires commitment. This enduring relationship cannot be achieved by merely putting a tenant into a property without care or by constantly checking on the tenant as they try to enjoy their stay in your property.

There are five things a landlord should do to keep the tenant happy as well as maintain a quality relationship with them.

Develop and maintain healthy relationship with your tenants

You can build a good rapport with your tenants by listening and meticulously considering their requests for anything within your reach and attending to their concerns quickly. This will help to ensure they cooperate with you always and within their lease agreement period.

Requests of any kind, especially as they relate to changes in lease conditions should be carefully considered. However, when such request is not granted, tangible reasons should be given. When considering routine maintenance, the best practice is to work with the tenants to determine the best time for such work to be carried out.

Respond to maintenance issues quickly

Tenants see a landlord that responds quickly to maintenance issues and informs them of the progress of work as a very responsible person. In fact, the rate at which the landlord attends to maintenance issues is a pointer to how the landlord values the relationship with the tenants.

The ability of the landlord to respond to issues affecting the use of the property by the tenants such as blocked drains and broken air conditioners shows how concerned the landlord is towards the happiness of his/her tenants.

On the other hand, delayed answer to the call for maintenance or repairs is an indication of irresponsibility on the side of the landlord. This sends a wrong signal about his personality.

Be attentive to your tenant’s needs

In any rental property, the needs of the tenant should be the number one priority. If you plan to change the ownership of a rental property, then your tenant’s lease agreement should be attended to first.

The tenant should be given notice early enough that the property will be put up for sale, and they should be properly guided to determine the way forward. Give the tenants early information when open-for-inspections are required.

Also, informing tenants about an increase in rent should be done in accordance with the rental agreement and promptly.

Maintain regular inspections of your property

The reason for regular inspections is to ensure that the tenant is taking adequate care of the property; it also opens the door for the tenant to single out any maintenance issue the landlord needs to address. So, regular inspection indicates that the landlord takes active interest in the condition of the rental property and cares about the living conditions of the tenant.

Educate your tenants

Immediately your tenants move into the property for the first time, the first thing you should do is to educate them about the rules guiding the property. This involves walk-throughs as well handing over of the key to them.


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