Beautifully furnished properties usually necessitate a higher rent than the unfurnished ones. However, most people looking for furnished apartments are usually seeking short-term leases, making the turnover of such a property higher in the long run. Since variety is the spice of life, various types of furnished houses include various items. The three things to watch out for when taking a furnished property are the basics, pros, and cons.

Let’s discuss these three elements that are worthy of consideration:

  1. The Basics

When taking a furnished property, consider the fact that each room needs to have working furniture. Seating such as a couch in the living room and coffee table, entertainment centre and end tables are all needed. A dining section or area is

usually included in the basic furniture package.

  • Based on the available space in your property, the dining furniture can consist of a table in the kitchen, stools in a breakfast room or a bigger table in the dining room.
  • The kitchen should be equipped with basic appliances such as a microwave, stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator.
  • A comfortable bed with chest and nightstands, coupled with a dresser and headboard is ideal for bedrooms. So, you should focus on sleeping as well as storage while taking a furnished bedroom.
  • Nevertheless, a workspace is required in a furnished property such as a chair and desk in either the bedroom or any location in the living room.
  1. The Pros

Taking a furnished property requires that you consider the advantages before deciding if it is right for you. Here are the advantages:

Moving will be faster – Renting a furnished property means that you will not own the majority of the large items in your apartment. This makes it easier for you to select the small items of your own and move on at short notice.

It saves you money – You will save money on buying furniture because you don’t need to buy furniture anymore. Renting a furnished property is a way to get out of buying your own items and yet you still have items to use in your apartment.

Furnished properties have a shorter lease period – Furnished apartments usually cater for people who are on the move, such as travelling professionals and students. Therefore, they do not require a year-long lease because they don’t stay in a place for too long.

  1. The Cons

Tenancy deposit is usually high – Renting a furnished property entails renting all the furniture and amenities that are contained in the property. Since the landlord incurred expense when equipping the property, the cost must be passed onto you – the renter.

You lack control over most of the décor – If you want to make changes of any kind to the furnished apartment, you must discuss it with the landlord and figure out what to do with the old furnishings. However, you can have control over your personal effects and can hang artwork on the walls.

It has fewer rooms to choose from – Furnished apartments have fewer rooms, and as such, you will have less choice when you opt for them.

These are the essential things to consider when you are about to rent a furnished property. 

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