You can give vibrancy to a space filled with natural light by adding a powerful colour scheme.

Upgrading older homes can mean introducing new colour schemes. Interior design is trendy and ever-changing, which means fashionable accessories and furnishings will change every so many years.

You can produce a stylish modern interior with great appeal by keeping the walls neutral and adding bright colour with accessories.

Select a colour scheme from the biggest pattern in the space. If you have patterned upholstery, big artwork or even an Oriental rug, you can use that, and then choose your colour scheme based on it.

Use coloured throw and pillows over your current furniture. Make use of some fabric samples to know what works best, or you can test various colours by using a colour chart.

Tip:  Use colours that match your existing scheme instead of introducing a new one.

Replicate what the base colour is. If the base colour of the property is warm, then a warm white colour on the walls and warm coloured accessories such as orange and red are perfect.

If the base colour is cool such as blue, then cooler accessories such as bright blue and deep green are ideal.

Generally speaking, analogous colour schemes (colours that are next to each on a colour wheel), are more relaxing and perform best in informal spaces. For instance, a scheme like this is befitting for a bedroom where you usually rest and sleep. An example of this would be blue and green.

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