4 Features Tenants Love to Have in a Rental Property

Every landlord wants tenants who pay rent in a timely manner and take good care of the property. The fact is that having to rely on bad tenants will damage your bottom line and ultimately hurt your investment. Therefore, the success of your business is largely dependent on your ability to attract and retain these excellent tenants. To help you to achieve this, here are a few features to consider for your property:

  1. 1.Appliances

White goods, such as fridge freezers and washing machines, are seen very favourably by most tenants. When professional tenants are looking at two similar properties, access to a dishwasher and a washing machine could be a deciding factor. A tumble dryer can be a good investment, as it will reduce the likelihood of tenants hanging clothes around the house, which often causes damp problems in rooms. Additionally, a dishwasher will help tenants to keep your property tidy.

  1. 2.Decoration

A tastefully decorated house is always more attractive to prospective tenants. Neutral or soft, warm colours are the way to go. Although white is a safe colour, too much of it can give a house a very clinical feel. A cream colour would be more suitable. Additionally, using higher quality paint (such as Dulux) can save you money in the long run, because scuffs can usually be wiped off with a damp cloth without requiring you to repaint an entire room every 2-3 tenancies. It is also important to ensure that the walls, carpets, furniture, and other household items maintain a complimentary colour scheme and do not clash.

  1. 3.Furniture

Although often viewed as boring, IKEA usually have a good understanding of current interior design fashion and trends. Their furniture is reasonably inexpensive and if not disassembled and reassembled too often, generally one can expect a good few years from them. IKEA furniture can also often be found in charity shops quite cheaply.

Beds and wardrobes are a must, as these are things most tenants won’t have with them. We’d recommend buying new, good quality mattresses over cheap ones. They do last much longer, but remember to flip them every 6 months to prolong their lives. Also, make sure you invest in quality mattress protectors. If you fit cheap ones, tenants will complain they are uncomfortable and take them off! Be careful buying second hand beds. While second-hand frames are OK, mattresses can be prone to having mites or bed bugs.

  1. 4.Locks on doors

If you are planning to let your property to sharers, providing locks on bedroom doors is always well received, even when the tenants know each other. However, be aware that tenants are only human and are prone to locking themselves out. Ensure you have an agreed call-out fee in place beforehand, to avoid disputes of who should pay the locksmith if one is ever needed. Additionally, note that locks which allow the tenants to get out of the bedroom without a key are often a requirement of local councils in case of fire.

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