Green Acorn Property is looking to expand into both commercial property and property development to take full advantage of our expertise. We believe we are well positioned with excellent staff, knowledge, reputation, trade and specialist connections to enable us to maximise potential development opportunities.

We are looking for investment funding, which will be used primarily in one of two ways:

1. Allow us to fund new purchases such as guest houses / holiday homes / development deals

2. Allow us to market our unique business model to Franchisee's across the UK

We can also supply you with current possible deal proposals and or borrow money from you at an attractive rates of return whilst your loan can be secured on a property we purchase. 

If you are interested in becoming an investor, we require you to pay a £499 registration fee to show a serious commitment.

 This fee is refundable if:

1) You don't meet our investor requirements (our preferred minimum investment is £100,000 investment required) or

2) Should a deal you participate in not complete due to factors outside your control.

Once the fee is paid we require you to fill out the following form.





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